Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wonderful Saturday Morning

Good morning all! It is a most wonderful Saturday morning today. I'm here sitting on Harri's new deck using Grumps Internet connection and drinking in the morning air. It is cool, light jacket cool with a little fogginess in the air. The birds are singing the praises of the morning with a huge crow just overhead cawing, making my ears ring. Yesterday the trees were alive with the birds over Harri's deck fighting for dragonflies and mosquitoes getting ready for the winter cold. I'm here batching it this weekend as The Hubby is off to Ohio for a flashlight collectors show. It may end up being a mini girls weekend as Jimbo is golfing and Bare is not hear so Sin will be up with her best friend Ang, so mini girls weekend. Two girls weekends in a row! Next weekend is my Jazzy girls weekend here with 10 total counting myself. I have sleeping arrangements for 9 so one of the ladies will be sleeping on the floor, probably my cousin as she doesn't mind at all. One of the ladies is flying in from California for the happenin'.

This post is a little disjointed as I'm trying to write in-between yaking with Harri. I can't seem to get a sentence written the way I would like it to be but it is what it is. Today I'll probably spend most of my time talking here and then trying to read more on my book Edgar Sawtelle.

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