Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Monday

Here we are another Monday. The same old thing, day in and day out. I'm up and off to workout before 5 am, back home for breakfast and to ready to head off to the office. Now it is almost noon and I've opened the little bit of mail today, answered a few phone calls, played ClubPOGO and now I'm taking time out of my busy schedule to read a few blogs and to add to my blog. BORING! Yes it is a boring morning here today. I've got my cameras up on the screen so I can see outside in my windowless office and I so want to be out. I stepped out for a brief moment and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and cool air. It is truly turning fall outside and I'm stuck behind this stupid desk. Now, don't get me wrong, I do love being part of our business but sometimes, like today I yearn for being out in the world. Especially after a rainy weekend of staying indoors most of the time at the cabin. I just have to tell myself that I will have tomorrow since B will be here all day and I have the weekend. The Hubby is traveling to Ohio on Thursday for a flashlight collectors show and so I will be off to the cabin. The weather forecast is predicting beautiful weather and I am going to partake of it. I plan on walking/running and drinking an itsy-bit of wine!

(If this post is a little disjointed it is because the phone keeps ringing in and messing with my train of thought.)

I have TV on my computer too so now I'm watching the news and later my soaps, As The World Turns and Guiding Light. The headlines are of course the banking stuff, Lehman Bros and Merrill Lynch. It is a little scary and does make me edgy but I'll just not watch. Things will be okay.

The Hubby has been on his cell phone and the office phone since I walked in the door this morning a little after eight. Most of the calls are of generator sales. We have branched off into that field for sometime now and for some reason the calls have been heavy again the past couple of weeks. These are stand-by permanent generators, not a cheap thing but people are willing to purchase them after the winter we have had. He even had a call from his cousin that lives north of Houston about a generator. They already have a portable but The Hubby talked to him all about the advantages of the permanent and what he would need for his house and so forth. It's really pretty interesting to listen to the phone calls and I really do learn a lot but will NEVER to the sales talk.

Friday evening when The Hubby and I finally left for the cabin my cell phone rang and I was expecting one of the girls but it was one of B's best guy friends. He has been having really rough time since he and his partner broke up. They were a week before a commitment ceremony and his partner decided to break it off. J has been just beside himself with sorrow and anger and depression. He decided to call me to talk on Friday and seek out my comfort and support. I hoped I was a help to him but we both agreed to not let B find out because she is very territorial when it comes to her friends and me. For some odd reason she won' allow me to be friends with her friends and I really don't understand it. It's like she is jealous or something. I'm a good friend and since I have lost Mom and Gail I'm down a couple of friends so it is nice to add to my friend circle. I don't like being secretive with B but I don't like her wrath that she can turn on me. You would think being almost 29 years old she would get over that stuff.

Well, I guess I had better get back to manning the phone. I have barely had time to type this entry with it ringing here at lunch time. That is a good thing though!


Kim said...

You can watch TV on your computer. I envy you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope the forcast stays good for you!!! Don't worry everyone's life is same old same old and rather boring at least that's what I tell myself!

NEOLLE said...

Sounds like its another ordinary day with lots of extraordinary opportunities.

Anonymous said...

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