Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hillbilly Sandwiches

When I was a child we lived on Main Street and on the next block to the south was the Humpty Dumpty grocery store which we walked to many times a week. A couple of times a year a traveling sandwich wagon would set up and sell sandwiches called Hillbilly Sandwiches. They were made from a wonderful BBQ sauce, Hillbilly BBQ Sauce, made in the state and of which I haven't been able to find for a few years. We used to get a sack full of the sandwiches for dinner whenever they were at the store. My mother found out how they made them and they have been a staple of my food intake for years. Yesterday I was so hungry for them I decided to have them for dinner tonight. Since I was not able to find Hillbilly BBQ Sauce I was forced to find another so I found one called John's that is also made in the state. The secret is to find a sweet BBQ sauce.

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Anonymous said...

Looks tasty!