Saturday, November 11, 2006

My New Toy!

The house is full of the wonderful smells of deer and elk jerky. The aroma of spices and smoke permeate the air to the point of making you choke. The Hubby has decided to dig out last years game from the deep freeze so he can fill it up again and since I won't eat the stuff unless it is summer sausage or jerky, well the dehydrator is just a whirring away in the garage.

I usually leave my windows open when I park in the garage but this morning when I jumped in the Tahoe and pulled out of the garage the smell of jerky followed me...ALL DAY LONG! My car may never be the same.

Since jerky is at the fore thought of The Hubby's mind, yesterday he came upon a meat grinder thingy that you attach to a Kitchen Aid Mixer at a garage sale for $5.00. He was very happy with himself. Then he realized he needed the mixer part so he tried to find a used one on EBAY. STOP------I do not want a used mixer. I told him I have ALWAYS wanted a red Kitchen Aid Mixer NEW! I have been using a $5.00 hand helf mixer for over 20 years and was waiting for the perfect kitchen in which to put on and NOW since I have the perfect red kitchen, well, I wasn't going to have a used one. So, today he went shopping and then ended up back home and got online. When I returned home he informed me he bought one online, RED, and was very proud of himself. Me too. I'm excited to start baking again.

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