Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another blah day in Tulsy Town

I am again sitting at my desk waiting for 4 o'clock to roll around so I can have an excuse to LEAVE this office. What a blah day with nothing and I mean NOTHING to do all day long. I've been sitting at this closed in, windowless office since 8:30 AM piddling at my desk. I paid a few bills, logged in a few payments after the mailman FINALLY showed up, took a couple of phone calls and just have been sitting here all day long. No wonder my backside is flat and wide. When you do nothing all day long but sit on the damn thing it has nothing to do but go flat and wide.

I have made a decision, of which I really can't put to use till probably January. I am putting my foot down, actually slamming it down with The Hubby. I am going to take a day off every week. I think Wednesdays would be nice. I will sit him down, look lovingly into his baby green's and tell him that for my sanity and my backside I'm taking one day off EACH and EVERY WEEK. There will also be some ground rules. I can do whatever I want to do and he CANNOT call me on my cell phone or anywhere, only in the event of death or someone bleeding somewhere can he interupt my day. That also goes for him NOT showing up at home unannounced. If he knows I'm home he either calls with a serviceman upon the doorstep, or he forgot I need to type something at the office he forgot about or someone needs RIGHT THEN, or he just has to see if I'm doing what I say I'm going to do. Example: "I'm going to stay home and unpack the rest of the moving boxes." An hour into the project he shows up with his exercise bag. I ask, "What are you doing here." He says, "Oh, I was just driving by and stopped by, for lunch. What have you gotten done."!!!!!!!WHAT!!!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!

I love the guy but we have lived together for almost 31 years and worked in our business together for 27 years. I need a break. Every evening, everyday, every weekend ...I need some space from the intensity of togetherness. I have told him this and I think he gets it sometimes but sometimes he is like a wounded puppy and asks if I don't like to spend time with him. ARGHHHHHHH!!!Come on man, back off some PLEASE.

WHEW, sorry all who have to read about my rants but when I have that much time on my hands I get a little crazy. Wish me luck with "The Talk".....

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