Monday, December 20, 2010

I've Been Busy

I've been busy with all that is Christmas time and more.  This is just a brief update on my life...

Art class has ended for the season and will start up again in January.  Will miss it but will continue to paint on my own for sure. 

Tis party time and we have definitely been attending a few these past few days with a few more to come in the next few. 

My family is all together with A arriving in town for 10 days.  B&B picked up A at the airport today and they all came over for dinner of pizza and a fun evening of decorating Christmas cookies.  I went to a party this weekend at the cabin place and the before party was the girls drinking champagne and decorating cookies.  It was great fun and reminded me of when the girls used to go to their great granny's (my granny's) to decorate so I just had too.
It was funny to get the men in our lives in on the act and I think they had fun. 

My beautiful girls.  This Momma is one proud girl. 

This week is going to be just as busy.  Tomorrow I have to take Daddy to meet yet another surgeon for his hip, the abcess that has yet to heal up completely.  They plan on another surgery to clean it out and sew it up, hopefully not Christmas eve!!!  Kind of worried.  Get to deliver the giveaway winner her prize and meet her.  Kind of excited about that.  Tonight is a quick drink with friends and then dinner with my new friend Sheila from art class and her husband.  Tuesday is dinner with friends, they are serving duck, which I have never eaten.  Whew.  Seems like we have something on Wednesday too.  I have GOT to finish wrapping presents.  Is it bad that I have not bought a thing for my mother-in-law or my father.  They get to an age when they really don't want anything and with Daddy, heck we did his house if you remember.  Hope everyone is having a great time this holiday season!

(P.S. I almost forgot that Tuesday we get our new Droid phones!) hot water dispenser has gone on the fritz...oh the humanity....(my favorite appliance in the house)

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Kathryn Magendie said...

Yes! I have been goofing off and loving it - -Merry Christmas! :-D hugs