Wednesday, February 24, 2021

NOT Wordless Wednesday

I finished this painting yesterday.  I had started it on Saturday, actually signed it but I was not happy with it.  I woke up yesterday morning and knew exactly what was wrong.  It was one tone, not enough light or dark.  It was boring so I set up and started working on it again and finally my eyes were happy.  I call it:

"One Wish"
9x12 oil
After I got that finished it was lunch time.  I settled down with lunch, my soaps and hopefully a little nap when The Hubby called to say my car was done!  WHAT!  It wasn't supposed to be done till Wednesday or Thursday.  He was on his way to pick me up to get the car.  Ditch the TV and nap and I was out the door.  Of course on the way there The Hubby threw in, "There are several checks that came in the mail."  Well, CRAP.  So after I got my car I went to the office to do a little work.

Last night we went out to dinner.  He wanted to go to one of our local places, The Bros. Houligan for Tim's T-bone Tuesday.  We like the original location of the two but once we were ordering we were informed they only do the T-bones at the other location.  RATS.  The Hubby had to settle for a ribeye and I had the catfish!!!  During the dinner discussion I told him I was going to the studio today.  I had not been in there for nearly 3 weeks and now that I had a car and my office work was done I WAS GOING TO THE STUDIO!!!  

We have been trying to replace our hot tub for months now but there were none to be had because of Covid.  Finally last week one came in and he set it up to be delivered to arrive TODAY!  Oh my how I miss my hot tub.  He's been getting the electric all ready for days now and getting the old disconnected and ready to be hauled away, it leaks.  Last night when we got home, after dinner, after the dinner talk, he said for me to let him know when they come to deliver the hot tub....wait WHAT!  I reminded him that I was not going to be here I had planned on going to the studio, remember.  Do you need me to stay home, yet again.  OMG, after weeks of snow, ice and no car I needed to get out.  He got huffy and said no, but of course now I feel guilty, just a little bit.  

I'm going to the studio today!!!

The past couple of weeks have also been a hit on my art confidence, yet again.  I keep funding these organizations with entering and keep getting turned down.  There are always a plethora of Red-X's and I am so over it but I am bound and determined to get something green, sometime.  I will keep trying but it really hurts.  On Facebook there are artist after artist that are joyously espousing the good news they got accepted to OPA or IA, they got their notice.  It really makes me want to cry, really does, but again, I will carry on.


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