Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Fire and Ice

Of course I'm still not budging out of the house with all this snow and ice underneath but The Hubby can't sit home.  He went into the office and we have two guys working.  These photos are from across the street from our business where Marshall Brewing and Tap Room is, and next door (buildings are  attached) is a little office supply.  This little old man we have watched through our windows for several years has this business.  He pulls up in front nearly everyday and goes in and you can see shelf after shelf of old office supplies.  He doesn't have a store front but delivers I guess to old customers.  Well what he told one of the owners of Marshall's yesterday is that he had some frozen pipes and he set up some space heaters and would be back and forth during the day to check on them.  I guess he didn't make it back in time and the whole place went up in smoke.
Nearly all day long multiple fire trucks and fire-people worked and worked in the frigid conditions to contain the fire and NOT let it spread to Marshall's.
It was quite the scene and at times on our cameras all you saw was smoke.  Eventually the roof collapsed.  You can't help but feel sorry for the little old guy and his tiny business that is literally toast.  I so hope he has insurance.  I know Marshall's does and so far all they have is water and smoke damage.  I'm sure the insurance companies will play the game and he will be subrogated in this incident.  Just tragic, BUT no one was hurt.

Now on our side of the street, let's just say FROZEN is more a reality.
Snow was piled up in the front of the building and it literally froze the front door.  I'm certainly glad I am NOT in there because we would not be able to keep the stone building warm enough for me.  The Hubby said this photo was Monday, that yesterday it was even more frozen!
Luckily I have absolutely no reason to venture into the office until next week sometime.  I WAS going to take my car in on Monday to the body shop to get the hit and run thing fixed but as I've stated, not driving.  Hopefully Monday I will be able to get it in and then will be without a car for 3 days.  Next week should be okay and The Hubby can drive me around if needed.  

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