Saturday, August 24, 2019

Busy Life, Or Is It

This week was kind of free week for me.  I really didn't have to go into the office much, just step in to make a deposit or type a quick quote.  This meant I could go to my happy place, my studio.  Oh, forgot that Monday I did go to the chiropractor, my Daddy's and then a luncheon (ladies from my high school days!)  The luncheon was wonderful fun and even had one show up that had NOT BEEN BACK in 45 years!  It was awesome to see Jodi.  

You know as I looked at the calendar for the week I was incredibly busy.  Later that evening I picked up my studio partner and we attended the business part of one of our art groups.  I had book club this week, and we went to see Hamilton on Tuesday evening with friends.  OH MY GOODNESS, that was an awesome show.  More chiropractic visits and yesterday a visit to a orthopedic specialist in sports medicine.  You see, I'm having some issues with my shoulder.  I woke up one morning in June and could hardly lift my arm and the pain was excruciating.  The fear, as an artist, at that moment, was that it was rotator cuff.  I was having such an issue sketching even.  I've been dealing with the pain by taking Aleve, my trainer stretching me a lot, the chiropractor and massage therapy (my girl is AWESOME!)  It is better, but I needed to make sure it wasn't RC.  Yesterday I got in and they took tons and tons of x-ray's and the doctor (I LOVE HER) said it was NOT RC!!!!!  Hallelujah, BUT, I have some neck spongy disc issues.  For one thing my neck spine doesn't curve the right way, the exact opposite and with some of the discs deteriorating a bit she suspicions a pinched nerve and bursa inflammation.  So the first course of action is to continue chiropractic, massage, stretching and now steroids on board and something (can't remember the name) for the pinched nerve.  We're going to watch it until I get back from LA next month and proceed if it isn't any better with higher dosages or injections.  YIKES! 

The good thing is I did step away from the sketching and started applying some paint.  Long ways to go on this one and I will continue on with my self portrait series.  

You know looking at this photo reminds me how very young I was.  This was taken at The Hubby's house in the front yard, where he grew up.  It was summer and we were dating.  It was probably July or August and from the rumpled look, well, use your imagination!  We were young and in love and getting married in a few months.  I don't know why I like this picture but I do.  It just reminds me of being in love, young and seeing a new future ahead for me, one that I did not see on the horizon a few months earlier.  I still had an innocence in my look, yet not.  I was on the doorstep to a new future.  

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