Monday, July 25, 2016

Loss of a Friend

My dear sweet Daddy had some very sad news yesterday.  On Sunday's about 10:30 in the morning, every Sunday, he gets in his little car and drives out to his oldest friends house to visit.  He and Jay were best buds in high school and Jay has a twin sister, Kay, he goes to visit Jay but Kay comes to bring them lunch and to give Daddy his kiss!  Jay is married to Helen.  Jay and Helen were also dear friends of my Momma and Daddy.  Anyway, Helen had a massive heart attack yesterday about the time that Daddy goes to visit.  I don't know if he was there because I only had a message from him.  I didn't call back because he can't hear but will today.  He called all three of us, Bro, Sis and me but only talked to Sis and she said what happened.  You could tell on the message that he is torn up for a lot of reasons but one is because tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Momma passing.  Breaks my heart for him and Jay and their family.

NOTE:  Edited this after I just talked to him...yes he was there but said there was nothing he could do.  So sad and hard on him and Jay.

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Linda Kay said...

I remember how lonely my mother in law felt when her friends started leaving. So sorry for Dad.