Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blogging Anniversary

Exactly 10 years ago today I started posting here on Jill of All Trades.  I cannot believe it has been 10 years.  When I started spilling myself out here it was because of the depression and sadness of loss, the loss of my best friend Gail, then the loss of my other dearest best friend, Momma.  I still cry sometimes and feel it in my heart like a dagger but I am finally mended.  So much has changed in these 10 years.  I have found my new happy in creating my art and little Snicklefritz has entered our lives, our little ray of sunshine.  Life is so wonderful now...

I have to backtrack just a hair, life is a bit precarious right now with work and that is making things a bit tense but all in all my life is good and happy.  

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Michelle said...

Happy Blog-a-versary!