Thursday, June 02, 2016


Contemplation, yes that is the word this week.  I've been pretty busy this week but I think I've been keeping busy because if I stop I contemplate my life and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  You see, Saturday, June 4 I will step into another phase in my life.  Saturday I will turn 60 years old, I step into another decade, an older decade I'm not sure I want to be.  The alternative is not to step into that place in my life so I'm jumping in with both feet. 

60, wow.  I remember when my mother was 36 and thought that was old.  Good grief my oldest is 36.  That is just crazy.  Time is the one thing that just does not stop and there is nothing you can do short of DYING and that I'm not a fan of.  So life, bring it on.  I'm going to be 60 and I'm proud of it.  Life just gets better, right.  

The Hubby has a friend that has recently been released from the hospital after an extended stay, part of it in a coma on life support.  He is extremely lucky that he overcame.  Then The Hubby got a shock when another friend who is in the hospital has been given possibly 6 months.  Life is so tenuous and uncertain.  Live it.  

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Sweet Tea said...

I'm 66 years old.
I really don't like to admit it because it seems other people
treat you differently once they realize your age - if you're considerably
older than they are. wonder why that is? We're all just people, no better,
no worse, no different. We like things they like - Girl's Night, flowers, kids,
good food, nice cars, movies, pets, a bargain, etc. etc.
Gee it felt good to write that.