Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Ramblin's

Good morning one and all.  It is a glorious morning and has been since 5 am.  I really am getting tired of the usual and would like NOT to get up that early.  Even the weekends aren't much better as I am rudely being jostled out of wonderful dreams by my bladder.  Plus little Clayton is of course wanting his breakfast at 5 am.  It's hard to nod back off then as the sun beckons me to GET UP!  This morning though it was dark, dark, dark.  

I've been a bit on the ill side for the past couple of weeks as The Hubby decided to share his cold with me.  Great, just great!  Yesterday though I think it has morphed into a sinus infection but not a bad one.  This has kept me from visiting Daddy as I do not want to make him sick.  I'm sure he is telling everyone I don't come and visit at all.  Since he fell and broke his hand I have to write his checks and pay his bills for him and I'm sure there are some to pay.  Hopefully this week I will get there.  

Yesterday I had The Hubby's family over to celebrate the sister-in-law's birthday, B's birthday, Snicklefritz's upcoming birthday and my mother-in-law's 88th birthday.  The plan was to make spaghetti but as I am puny and obligated to this shindig I opted for Oliver Garden takeout!  SCORE!  It was perfect with leftovers for lunch this week.  Clean up was easy and I was in bed early to get the rest I need to beat this crap in my head.  

My mind today is with my friend though.  One of my painting friends Linda and her husband James.  James' parents lived in Louisiana and were in horrible health shape so they moved them here to be close instead of driving to Louisiana every single weekend to deal with stuff.  They installed them in a wonderful retirement place but it was soon evident that his father was not on the good side in his mind.  They had him evaluated and sure enough, Alzheimer's. The evaluation process was a problem as it was at a different facility which did not treat him right (I smell a HUGE lawsuit) and now he is back in the assisted living but the poor guy sees things and is terrified and combative.  So this requires that James and Linda, at least one of them has to stay there 24/7 as they can calm him.  They are waiting for him to be placed in a more expert care facility to move him to.  It is so very sad and exhausting for them and I fear for their health now.  What do you do in a situation like that.  This past year and a half has been hell for them both and I hope they can be strong and hang in there.  Breaks my heart.  Alzheimer's is a horrid and evil disease.

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