Saturday, September 26, 2015

Art Stuff

Just a bit of art stuff...

This is sweet Vera, B's 17 year old kitty.  She got Vera when she got out of college from a rescue group, Street Cats.  Vera is the sweetest cat and is having a lot of senior health issues now.  B2 took this photo while she had a brief time outside which she loves.  I love the photo and wanted to paint it.


Also did this a couple of weeks ago.  It's in San Miguel, Mexico.  Photo is by a friend that has a house there.  I loved it and wanted to paint and she said "YES."

See the year we will cruise the boot (follow the yellow line) with friends.  Can't wait to get more photos to paint. 

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Linda Kay said...

Jill, you did a great job on both of the paintings. The cat is so beautiful, and 17! You should definitely have plenty of pictures from which to create some lovely paintings when you return from the boot.