Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pre-Birthday Jitters

Well, today is the big day.  I know I have not posted anything about it but I have been working on a HUGE party for The Hubby.  Tomorrow is his 60th birthday and for months now I have been putting together another surprise party for him that happens tonight.  I have successfully surprised him at his 30th, 50th and now his 60th (hopefully).  I have rented out the Stokley Event Center where we had my 40th high school reunion.  

I decided that since The Hubby is so into dancing that I would throw him a DANCE PARTY!  I've invited his dancing friends to be there so he can dance the night away and the guests will also get a show.  I've downloaded all his dance music from his computer, 9 hours worth.  We are going to have BBQ from Albert G's and because he thinks there is no other kind of cookie but oatmeal raisin I am having 100 oatmeal cookies delivered from Ann's Bakery and built into a tower of cookies!  The guest list has swollen from about 100 to 125 so I've had to up the food and liquor to accommodate but let the cookie count stay as is.  I can handle the overage of food, not cookies!  

I, of course, woke up at 5 with a little Clayton help, and could NOT go back to sleep.  This party planning has gone so smoothly that I'm afraid there will be a kink.  Today I have to go pick up the ice chests and ice (we have an ice machine at the shop) for the liquor and then the liquor store to pick up the wine and beer.  I have seven kinds of beer, white and red wine and the place has complimentary pop/soda.  My fear is that I can't get the ice chests and liquor and ice in my car, all of it.  I may have to enlist B to help.  I have two friends meeting me to unload my car and get the beverages iced down.  I also will be watching little Snicklefritz so B can coerce The Hubby to the surprise.  Our story is that she got free ticket to a benefit and there will be tons of dancing and he is going as her date.  He's so excited to attend that he has been telling all of his dance buddies about the "benefit", to come and dance.  Again I have gotten him in on the planning and the dance people are working it with a snicker here and there.  

Since Snicklefritz's daddy, B2 is out of town till later in the evening we had to have someone watch her.  So B will bring her to the center and she will get to be a part of the party too.  I'm nervous and anxious for all the little things to go right.  

He also thinks we are having a "family" dinner at his Mom's retirement place on Sunday so he knows his birthday is not forgotten!

Wish me luck and hopefully tomorrow we will have some great photos.

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