Friday, July 17, 2015

Tuesday Catch-Up Day

What a strange week it has been.  Of course work on Monday but I had already been in the office on Sunday so my desk was pretty clear.  I watched Rio most of the day and then home.  Tuesday I had planned on going to art class but with my favorite person/friend not being there it just wasn't going to be as fun so I opted to stay home and get some crap done.  I don't know if I have shared but I'm in the middle planning The Hubby's 60th birthday bash.  Every time we go to a social function he always asks if there will be dancing.  He is just eat up with dancing so, I am throwing him a Surprise Dance Party!  It's next month and I have the venue, food, guests and now music and slide show all ready.  He even delivered a handful of invites (in a brown paper wrapper) to a friend in his dance class to be handed out to the other dance geeks.  He had no idea.  Again I score.  Back to Tuesday.  In his computer he has the BEST dance playlists and I needed them for the party.  I ended up having to make discs, a lot of discs of his music to put in my laptop.  Well, when added to my ITunes it added as "Track 1, Track 2, Track 3...etc." I had to add all the info and make sure I didn't already have the songs which I had a lot.  So Tuesday I completed the task and now I have 9 hours of dance music and a slide show of that guy.  DONE.  

Another task taken care of was another clean out of unworn clothes from my closet.  New clothes in old clothes out and then a trip to Goodwill.  

Last but not least was a box that had been storage when we moved our offices.  The Hubby was getting ready to chunk this box until I opened it.  I found childhood books, a brick from the church I grew up in and has since burned down, sheet music, and this AWESOME T-shirt.  Absolutely thread bare this T-shirt was worn by Bro, Sis and myself at different times.  I am going to have it framed I think.  The books I found were cleaned and put on the shelf for Rio when she starts reading:  Huckleberry Finn, National Velvet, Encyclopedia Brown, Ramona (my girls)...

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