Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's WAY TOO Early!

I'm awake.  Yes, at 3:39 a.m. Clayton woke up shaking his head which in turn jingled his collar, then my bladder started insisting and then the brain woke up.  I'm awake this Saturday morning and I want to be asleep.  Good grief why can't I sleep in just once.  Maybe tomorrow.  My body is so used to getting up that it has a hard time staying in bed.  It's really kind of frustrating and an endless cycle starts where I'm up early and of course I'm heading towards the bedroom by 7:30 or 8 every evening.  EGAD!

UPDATE on my niece.  Sis sent me a text asking if I had firmed up the plans on our father's 80th birthday celebration and I told her yes.  I also asked about The Niece, wanting to know how the jail thing was going.  She said she was still in jail.  That was the middle of the week and finally, seven days later I see on Facebook, she's out.  She posted:   

"And.... Seven days later and I'm finally free again. **pd don't play around for nothing. They just be bored as hell. I sat for seven days over a failure to appear! That's all. But its okay, as much as it sucked n would never wish it on anyone ever, it definitely gave me plenty of time to think about the areas I need to refocus and work on the areas in life I'm slacking in. I'm learning even in the shittiest of situations. God knows what he is doing and I trust in Him always. Greatful to be"

So she may have gotten it now.  I certainly hope so. 

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Linda Kay said...

Easy enough to make that kind of statement on the first day out, but will it stick? Probably not without some counseling or at least some support system that will help her keep on track. Good luck, hope she does well going forward.