Monday, January 26, 2015

Good Morning

Yes, it is Monday and I am posting.  There may not be much here but I am posting.  The weekend is done and a quiet one it was.  We ventured to the cabin Saturday afternoon and I ended up in bed under the electric blanket for 3 hours snoozing even though it was quite sunny outside.  I just could not get my inner core warm.  We had dinner at J&S's Saturday night and had a most wonderful time.  Harrie and Jimbo went home earlier in the day as they have the crud and didn't want to give it to us...thank you!  I hope they are better today.  This flu thing is awful and I pray I don't get it even though I had my flu shot too.  Back home Sunday I went to see Daddy.  I tried to visit him last Sunday but he was off at his friend, Jay's, and I got tired of waiting.  Jay is his best friend from high school, 60 years ago, and Jay has a twin sister that I guess is Daddy's girlfriend.  So when he visits Jay he visits her too. Yesterday, again he was gone but I just kicked back in the chair and napped along with his sweet kitty, Susie.  She has become such a darling addition to his household.  What a lover she is.  Daddy finally came home after an hour and a half of me waiting, but that was okay as I got my cat fix.  I told The Hubby yesterday that if something happened to Daddy that she would probably come live with us!  He didn't say a thing.  Oh, did I tell you that I found a home for the zebra finches!  Yes, I was in Southern Agriculture the other day and noticed they had zebra finches and talked to a girl about them taking my birds.  I don't know if you remember but I took them in after a lady that they were given to as a gift HATED them and was going to "set them free".  They would have died here in Oklahoma.  I've had them about 3-4 years now and was tired of taking care but would have continued till they died if I had too.  I was committed.  Anyway, there were four, two boys and two girls and one of the girls died this summer.  The girl at SoAg said they would take them!  SCORE!  So last Tuesday afternoon I boxed them up and took.  I was just giving them away but I received a $15 check in the mail for them!  Again, SCORE!  Now I know they may find another good home, not mine.  Bird seed can now stay outside, at least for awhile until I get the desire for a parakeet or canary again.  Bird cages are in the attic!  


Kathryn Magendie said...

Morning, Jill --- :)

Linda Kay said...

Thanks for sharing your kitty with us. She is lovely. I'm not one for birds, so I would never get them in the first place.