Saturday, January 24, 2015

Anniversary, Painting, Food...etc!

It seems that this painting thing, life, work, Rio....all of it is consuming my life lately.  Actually, yesterday was our 39th Wedding Anniversary and I didn't even have time to blog about it.  I think my blogging days will have to be on the weekends only for a bit.  

The Hubby and I went to dinner last night at a restaurant we have never been too, Mahogany's.  It's a steak place and I think a chain.  Very upscale and very, very expensive.  We had a gift certificate from one of our suppliers but good grief we still had to pay the other half of $300 food bill.  Really, being honest, it was a nice experience but I was not all that "$300" impressed.  The past 4-5 years we've gone to Flemings and I liked it better.  We had a trio special that had steak, a bone-in rib-eye, lobster and crab legs.  All of it was split between the two of us.  The steak was yummy, the lobster over cooked, rubbery and no flavor.  The crab was better.  The spinach had a strange taste.  But I overlooked that to say the wine was yummy, seeing a very, very old friend of my sister's childhood and the FABULOUS company of my hubby made the evening special.  We had a nice evening.  

I am also reflecting this morning on the loss of one of The Hubby's aunts, well into her 90's.  Actually, she was married to one of his favorite uncles, who is still kicking.  They were married, gosh probably over 60 years or more.  Then a friend, an old high school friend lost her husband to cancer a few days ago.  They were married over 40 years.  Loss is inevitable but still sad and hurts.  We've just got started having fun!

Started watching Rio again while her mother is teaching this week.  We painted and painted.  That kid loves to paint her watercolors and I will have to buy her some more and little canvas's.  She holds up her picture to show me her "bird".  I know it's because I paint a lot of birds.  She is darling.
(Gotta try and paint this!)

Here's some of the latest paintings.


Linda Kay said...

I love that you are working with Rio painting. It's a great way to spend some time with someone and something you love as well.

Sweet Tea said...

I know nothing about art, but must say the house with the garden spoke to me. This is the time of year my Dad was always planning his Spring garden. He loved gardening and I loved him. Still do. (He 'so been in Heaven for 8 yrs now.)

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary. You know, to be married that long requires work on both sides.

I'm not that impressed with Mahogany's. It is an expense account place. Heather and I went there years ago on the same deal you had, a gift certificate. The server spilled Heather's drink all over her. All they did was replace the drink and never offerred to pay for cleaning or at least comp the drink.

You are really getting better and better at painting. And you are making such memories with your Rio.