Thursday, August 07, 2014

Mooooooo Mooooooo Mooooooo

After the week we all had last week I was able to at least get some painting done this week.  Painting at home is not happening at all lately so it's in class.  I can get so very lost in painting, especially these tiny little cow faces.  I can sit for 3 hours straight and not hardly move.  My kind of meditation.

Aren't they cute and coming along.  I have a lot more to do on it and I am happy with how it's all turning out.  

Next week will be busy, busy, busy again as Tuesday Daddy goes under the knife yet again.  That has my tummy doing a bit of tumbling but it will be okay.  I will keep you posted!

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Linda Kay said...

Love the cows. My brother had calves in 4-H in school, and I really loved them. They have beautiful eyes. Hope your dad does well.