Sunday, August 17, 2014


He's home.  Yesterday I went to the hospital early in the morning and stayed till nearly noon thinking they would send Daddy least not then.  So home I went to wait for a phone call.  I actually took a nap as I had a killer sinus headache and just didn't feel well.  Planned on painting but that just didn't happen.  Then at nearly 4 in the afternoon my phone rang and sure enough it was the hospital telling me he would be ready to be discharged in an hour.  So I put my shoes on and headed over there about 4:30 ready for another wait.  What a wait.  6 pm they finally came in with his meds and instructions and then we were off to his familiar.

The first stop was to Walgreens to drop off his meds then to Braham's for milk then home then back to Walgreen's  That was the plan.  What happened was when we went to the pharmacy and pulled up in the drive thru the lady informed us that it would be an hour before they would be ready.  Rats.  Daddy said that he didn't need them till Sunday so I said okay.  So off we went again and I got his milk and bananas and took him home.  Either Brother would get them or I would come back.  Of course the story at the pharmacy was not the case as once home he tells me he needs the antibiotic for his evening dose.  Really.  First thing at his house was to try and get his paper restarted as we THOUGHT he was going to be out for 6 weeks and stopped it.  I don't know if I got it going so may have to call on Monday.  Then I was back in the car to the pharmacy to plead my case and get his meds.  Went inside to do that and wait, and wait, and wait.  Did get to visit with an old high school classmate.  Finally, after a very long wait at nearly 7:30 the meds were ready.  Back to Daddy's and pay one of his bills he insisted had to go out immediately.  On the way The Hubby texted wanting to know my status as were going out to eat.  I told him soon, very soon.  I finally got back home, my home at a bit after 8pm and he hopped in the car and food we headed.  A wonderful dinner of Italian food at Mondo's and a couple of gin and tonic's, keys to The Hubby and I was poured into bed at 9:30 and soon to sleep.  What a day, but he is home and I am quite happy about that.  

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