Sunday, June 01, 2014

Rainy Days and Sunshine

It's Sunday morning, 6:44 a.m. and I'm awake, at the cabin and content.  I'm not sure what more I can say.  It has been a very peaceful weekend with the on and off rain showers, reading, visiting with friends and just quiet time.  I thought I would bring my paints this weekend but as it turned out en plein air painting would have been a bit WET.  It's funny that it would be sun shiny and rain at the same time.  Made stuff a bit steamy I must say.  

This was actually a video but can't figure out how to make it a video from my phone show up here.  Anyway, there is sunshine in the picture and rain!  At least I have my wonderful screened porch to enjoy it.  My poor birdies went hungry as I have forgotten to buy food for the feeders.  Next week, I promise!

Yesterday I slept in to 10 am.  That is unheard of in my world.  I usually am up before 5 am.  It was quite glorious to sleep in.  It was quiet as The Hubby went to town with some of his play friends for breakfast.  The fan, me, Clayton and a comfy bed, I was in heaven.  Of course, this morning I'm up early, but that is quite alright.  

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