Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Color of Glass

The past few weeks I have been listening to Ayn Rand's, "The Fountainhead" in my car.  That dang thing is 26 CD disc's long and I'm on disc number 11 right now.  I am really enjoying it, especially to listen to the dialog.  An interesting description in the story caught my attention and as an artist it made me question the phrase.  I even Googled it to see what would pop up.  Seems there are a lot of references to bands and lyrics in music.  

Rand describes a woman in a dress, "the color of glass''.  Being that artist it stopped me and I had to turn the CD off for a bit because I was not listening to the words, being stuck on this idea of  ''the color of glass''.  How can that be, because glass has no color.  Actually, glass has many colors because it picks up every color that comes through it, if it is clear.  What if it's frosted or smoked.  What was the color of her dress?  Oh gosh, I could go on about this but it just stopped me in my tracks, "the color of glass.''  

It's amazing what can stump me in life.


tulsamom said...

The color that came to my mind was a pale watery blue green. That is also my favorite color.

Beryl said...

Cool that you are listening to it. One of my children was talking about it just recently and I found that I had forgotten the whole thing and it was so long, there was no possibility that I would reread it. Did you get any idea what color was being referred to as the color of glass? Nothing comes to my mind. (Not an unusual thing.)