Monday, January 07, 2013

This, That and Other Things

Good Monday morning!  Finally the holidays are done and life can move on.  With Christmas and New Year's on Tuesday it kind of mucked up the flow of life around here.  Plus the add on of flu and such my rountine has been turned upside down and until I get Christmas boxed up it still won't be finished.  Today and tomorrow morning I plan on that project then I can get the tax stuff together.  From one project to another. 

I don't know if I had mentioned this but I did apply to a gallery in December, my first attempt.  I was pretty excited but knew that it was a real long shot and I was right.  I received my rejection letter on Friday.  RATS!  Oh well, again it was a long shot and I will try again.  I may even try and have my own show and try to sell some stuff.  Wish me luck!

Now, computer news.  The Hubby insisted I replace my laptop since I was having battery problems and it has become so slow.  It's 5 years old but I was hesitant of giving up my friend, yet that is what I did right after Christmas.  I went to my favorite place, and put a package together and it was very shortly on its way.  I received it on Saturday, December 29, unpacked it and got it up and running.  It was going well when I shut the lid and put it down for a bit but when I opened it up again it would not turn on and just beeped.  RATS!!!!!!  So I thought I just did something wrong and put it aside.  Several hours later I opened it up again and tried to turn it on and it responded.  WHEW!  After that I used it probably three or four times and got my pictures and ITunes library loaded on it when Thursday night it did it again.  RATS!!!!!!  Friday morning I fired up this good old friend and contacted Dell online and we figured out the motherboard in my brand new laptop was bad.  The guy or girl politely asked me if I spilled anything on it...NO ABSOLUTELY NOT, I responded.  So now I am waiting for a phone call from a tech person to come and replace the motherboard of my brand new laptop and in the meantime my old friend is still here. 


Ahh said...

Once you go mac, you'll never go back.

Winnie said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. It is going around here at work very badly and I keep hoping it passes me by! Still have my tree up, but plan to "de-Christmas" the house this weekend. I need a day just to focus on it. So glad to hear you applied to show your work. It is a first step. Keep believing in yourself and talents and good stuff will come. I always wanted to be on a design team for cards, and finally I took a chance and applied and I got on one for s store in NYC for s term of 4 months. It was great and I know good things await you too!