Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I am making a confession here.  I have to admit, hard as it is, that I am an addict and Sunday evening I went cold turkey.  My addiction is known by many, many people and I've tried very hard to hide it but now it is time to confess.  My addiction was playing Farmville!  Yes, I am an addict, or former addict.  I had all the different farms, the Home farm, Winter Wonderland, English Farm, Lighthouse Farm, yes I was addicted to harvesting cows, trees, hatching eggs, harvesting crops.  It was very sad that I was spending more than an hour or two a day playing that stupid game.  I even went so far as to constantly go to my personal profile and delete any kind of posts from my fellow Farmville users that my have appeared on my profile so people wouldn't suspect that I even played the game.  I was sick with the addiction of playing the game.  Sunday evening I just decided I was done and blocked it.  Yes, I blocked that game.  Here it is Tuesday morning and I do miss it but I don't miss the extra time I now have to other things in my life, like painting or crafting.  I've picked up my counted cross-stitch ornaments again and now I'm making pot holders for the show on Saturday.  Hopefully, I won't relapse and activate the thing again, I will be strong.  I confess I am an addict and will always be but for now I'm in remission!  Whew, I feel better!