Monday, December 05, 2011


Silent, yes I've been silent as of late.  The blogging block still persists.  In fact, I haven't even written in my hand written journal either.  Feels strange that after over five years of blogging I'm at a loss.  Have I written all I know, surely not!  I guess it is the "just keeping typing words" post to see what spills out of this brain. 

Today I'm staying put in my house.  I told The Hubby and B that I was not budging until I had Christmas splashed all over this house today.  I'm putting a big pot of brown beans on the stove to simmer all afternoon and I'm unpacking ornaments.  I jumped in and put my bid in for Christmas eve with the in law side of the family this year because it forced me to get it all out again.  I was in deep danger of not even putting anything out except a ceramic tree.  I love Christmas and it would have made me sad so tinsel here I come. 

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?  Do you like to bake, shop, open presents, wrap or all of the above.  My plan for this season is: 
  • Finish shopping (almost done at this point)
  • Put up the tree and all the accouterments that are involved
  • Bake a little (mainly my fave White Fruitcake)
  • Wrap all the little goodies I've stashed away (my favorite being the little niece and nephews stuff)
  • Party, Party, Party
We've got a party this Wednesday night, Friday night, Saturday night, next Monday far.  Next year we will have a rip-roaring party here before Christmas.  In fact it will be the first weekend of December!  I'm planning that date now to ready myself.  We've had them before and usually invite from 50-100 people!  It's a blast and everyone loves it.  It's catered and we have a bartender and everyone we know stopping in.  I'm already gearing up for it so my decorating will be over the top next year.

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