Monday, June 07, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I turned one year older on Friday, 54 to be exact and I think I'm okay with that.  Friday night good neighbor at the cabin Harri threw a party for me, MWAAAAAA!  It was a Mexican Fiesta, my favorite food next to cheeseburgers.  Lots of fun, drink, food and drink!  I had a really good week leading up to the whole event.  I had lunch with my dear friend that has been battling advanced stages of cervical cancer and she arrived with tears, good tears as the blood work looks like she is beating it.  Friday I also wanted to take the time to renew my drivers license.  I wish I had copied it because I really had changed in my face from 4 years ago.  I was pretty jowly in the previous picture.  The picture at the left is on the way to the cabin.  The Hubby has found a scenic way to avoid much of the traffic.  It is kind of what my mother would have called the bottoms of the river area, lots of rich farm land.  Amazing the vast area of fields.  I love the drive but don't like one part of a horribly narrow old bridge that has a blind entrance.  Could be bad but thank goodness there is virtually no traffic.  Would hate to have a flat going that way. 

A called Friday to see if I was going to be home for a delivery but it was such a busy day I missed it.  We left for the cabin and the florist called to say he left it at the neighbors.  A sent me a beautiful flower arrangement for my birthday.
So pretty, don't you think!

Back in town yesterday The Hubby and I went to the office to work, work, work, work, work...When you are self employed sometimes it is weekends and nights and holidays.  He was behind in billing and so that put me behind in invoicing and I had tons of bills to pay, personal and business.  So we spent a good 5 hours there yesterday and I'm pretty caught up.  You would not believe the stack of mail I had done.  Kind of felt good to accomplish that much.  I still have a bit to go as I have several bank accounts to reconcile...ick! 

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happy happy birthday!!