Friday, January 22, 2010

What A Week

What a week I have had.  We've been very busy trying to get Daddy's house done.  B and I, as posted Monday, worked all day and are really getting close to the finish.  I know this next picture is yucky and trust me it was yucky.  Yesterday, while we had help to haul off the junk we got the last room cleaned out, and most of the stuff went Bye-Bye!  What a mess it was and is.  The room was originally a porch which was enclosed and was my poor brother's bedroom.  Now it is just a catch-all.

Looky, looky what a little throwing away can do.  Actually the file cabinet will be stored for a bit because it is full of Daddy's old business records from about 30 years ago and I need to go through and shred.  This room also housed a lot of house plants for the winter and so lots and lots of dead leaves and lots and lots of cat urine.  PEE-U!  We will scrub and put in new walls and ceiling and the room will be good as new!  We also continued the scrub fest in the kitchen of dishes and shelves and tomorrow we will finish.  We have some new glide racks for his bottom cabinet for the pots and pans.  I'll tell you there are probably 20 Revereware pans under there.  I'm really excited at the thought of it almost being done and him coming home.  I've sent pictures to him to keep him excited and now he is really getting homesick!  I can't wait to see his face when he sees his new home!  Yesterday we also bought curtains for his bedrooms like the living room.  They were so simple, nice and cheap!  I love it! 


lagirl/sweet tea said...

I'll be watching for photos of this room completed. It all looks very nice. Being homesick might be good motivation for him to regain his strength again after being sick.

Char said...

he's going to be so thrilled