Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peace & Quiet

Saturday at the cabin. What a most wonderful day it is. We slept with the windows open last night with the air turned up so it would not kick on. I slept so soundly that I didn't even hear the night sounds and didn't even rouse out of bed until nearly 10 this morning. Wow, now that was a good sleep. It helped spending a fun evening with friends laughing, singing and eating fabulous food. Man we had the best steaks last night that T cooked. The best. My tummy was very happy I can tell you. The air last night was so nice that I could have slept under the stars and probably would have if I had been on my own deck and didn't have to go home. It was just a perfect evening. This morning when I finally could open my eyes, The Hubby was gone fishing and is gone yet again after popping in for a quick bite. He is very into his fishing right now. He came back this morning and told me that the five pound bass he caught last night that was on his stringer was laying on the rocks this morning and the only thing left was the head, bones and part of the tail. Something big had a nice dinner. When we came back from P&T's from dinner a fox and small deer were in the road in front of my golf cart and both jumped off in different directions. Oh the wildlife is abundant here. I also took this picture of a footprint or should I say paw print in the mud between Harri's and our cabin. Trying to figure it out. It is very, very large and the rumor is that we have black panthers roaming. Yeah, that sets the mind at ease...
That is my foot next to the print. Large isn't it and it was right outside my back door! Grump says it could the Irish Wolfhound that resides up on the hill behind us. Could be.


Char said...

bet it's the wolfhound for sure. hope so!

we're doing steaks tonight! I can't wait

Kay said...

Yikes! That is huge! Would a wolfhound leave that big a print? Sheesh! Stay safe.