Friday, August 14, 2009

Hi Ho Silver and Away!

I'm having a time trying to come up with stuff to write about lately. Like most of the "projects" in my life, sometimes I get bored, and it is so about blogging I think. It is so very bad that yesterday when I came home from workout with my trainer, when my hair is at its worst, all sweaty and greasy, I got the camera out. Yes, I did it. I took a picture, not a good one of my gray, oh uh, silver hair roots. My plan was to take a before and after picture because I was on my way to have it hidden again. Do you know how hard it is to self portrait a picture of your scalp? I can tell you, very hard. The pictures did not turn out like I wanted them too so all I can do is write about it. Actually, the real deal is pretty scary and sends me screaming to my hair wizard to make the stuff go away. I keep telling her that maybe when I'm 60 I'll let it show, she just laughs at me. Funny girl! Hi Ho Silver and Away!!!!


♥ Kathy♥ said...

Well I do feel for you on the gray hair. I have had gray strands for several years but just ignored them. Last year I thought about letting my hair go back to its natural color of brown. Well the ends of my hair were brown but the roots were solid gray now. No, no, no I can't be getting that much gray hair. Like you I have been having it covered up now. I understand about getting bored sometimes with blogging. LOL I haven't posted in 4 days because I can't think of a single thing to blog about. Great post. =)

Char said...

hey - miss you being around

lagirl/sweet tea said...

"Kee-mo-sabi, Tonto!"
My roots are screaming and I'm gonna take care of them Monday. As long as I have breath and can raise my arms I will color my hair. There's no "going back" for me, GF!!