Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Saturday

Another Saturday in town. I miss the cabin but what can you do. We went to The Hubby's junior high reunion last weekend, this weekend is my Sis's 50th birthday party and we're granddog sitting and next weekend is BlogHer! I don't mind too much, but today is just a stunning day and will miss sitting on Harri's deck chatting and drinking coffee.

B&B2 are in Las Vegas to meet up with A. Tears for Fears will be performing somewhere there tonight. It should be great fun and B2 had never been so they're treating it as a belated mini honeymoon.

I thought I was through with the DVD slide show of old pics and music for Sis tonight but the music runs just a smidge too long so I need to find some more pics, or may not. I'm tempted to just leave it alone and call it done so I can possibly paint today. I have the time and the light is just perfect. Last night we had B&K over for dinner to see the pictures of their Alaskan cruise and share our Ireland/QM2 trip. It was a nice evening and this morning I was still feeling the effects of a whole bottle of Rosso wine. Yummy! While shopping at Whole Foods for dinner fixin's yesterday I had to walk past the flowers and I must say that Whole Foods has the most AWESOME flowers in town sometimes, for the spur of the moment thing. I had to buy some Gerber daisies for the table and this morning with the sun streaming through the windows I had to get the camera out. I am trying to get some interesting shots for some more paintings.

The well-worn bride and groom was from my Momma & Daddy's wedding cake. I love it.

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Char said...

love the shot with the scale or the last shot for painting. sounds like a full weekend - hope you have fun.