Monday, June 01, 2009

Memory Lane part 2 or 3...

I am going to have to stop going through old things. One place I had not been in was my trunk. Actually, it belonged to my Great Grandmother’s sister, Mary. Mary died at the age of 16 from a ruptured appendix. Very sad. The trunk sat in a bunk house for many, many years until it was given to me. I refinished it at age 18 and it has been the keeper of my most prized keepsakes. It really needs to be redone but that will be another day.

It keeps my wedding dress safe.

These are from my hip-hugger jeans that I embroidered. I bought them from the Army Surplus and embroidered the Gemini and heart/bird on the leg and on my but were my initials. Now all that is left are remnants of a wonderful teen life.

Here is my elementary project on the state of Oklahoma.

Then I found the charcoal/pastel sketch book that was my mother’s.
Oh and I must not forget some of my stuff, the dog and parakeet.

Last but not least is my mother’s wedding veil.It’s now all put back until I decide to walk down memory lane again in a few years.


lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

I bet you shed a few tears as you looked at all these things. I almost did as I looked at the photos. Time is precious and life is so fragile, isn't it?! Great memories.

Debbie said...

Oh these things are just priceless! Love the photos.

Kay said...

Oh Jill... This is so beautiful. This trunk is priceless and such a special thing to pass down. I especially love your mom's wedding veil.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Thanks for sharing. I know we are supposed to treasure "things" but some of them mean so much.

Char said...


The Main Ladybug said...

Hi Jill,

We were matched by the Little Black Box over at Woman In The Midst: Raw's blog!

I love your blog, and am looking forward to learning more about you and your gorgeous family!

Come visit when you can!

Have a blessed day,