Friday, February 01, 2008

Oh for a hot shower

This morning I rolled into the house after Jazzercise and all hot and sweaty ready for breakfast and a hot shower. I had my Slimfast, finished the crossword and headed for the healing warmth of the shower. The water normally gets hot very fast as we have a circulating pump so I turned on the water and got in expecting hot. Nope, the water was tepid. I waited and waited but no hot water was gushing forth. Since I HAD to go to work and do payroll this morning I had to wash the sweat and oils off so...That was the fastest shower I have ever had. Brrrrrrr. A long story short The Hubby met the plumber here shortly after and re-lit the pilot light on the water heater and pronounced that the thermal coupler was probably going bad, on a new hot water tank mind you, probably defective. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a hot shower till the new part comes in.

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