Thursday, February 21, 2008


The past few years I have been battling our lawyer. He is a nice guy and has been a casual friend of ours for over 20 years but I've just about had it with him. In 2005 we had him develop a LLC partnership for our real estate workings but he has been disagreeing with us on how we deal with it and our trust. I have done my own research, my cousin is a tax attorney (now our attorney) and our CPA and our financial advisor have agreed with me. This previous attorney has just been acting like if he ignores me then I'll forget about it but I haven't. I sent a letter 3 weeks ago requesting all of our files and no response. Last week, Monday, I called, told his secretary I wanted to leave him a message, I didn't need to speak to him, just leave a message. I left this message: "I want our files messenged to our office as soon as possible." That was all I said but no response until Tuesday morning at 9 am when in walked the guy. He had two small file folders in his hands and handed them to me. First of all I didn't know he smoked, yuck, the files and himself stunk. Second he started lecturing me again that I needed to rethink what I was about to do. Third he said that the two files were all he found, that he would keep his eye out for more files. Now we have clients of his for about 20 years you would think there would be more than that. Fast forward to today when I went to the bank to AGAIN open a checking account in the LLC name and was told that the file I had was missing the operating agreement. The file consisted of partial paperwork, a photocopy of the certificate, nothing original. I'm am ticked off royally with this guy. He has made more work for me and I really don't appreciate it. I am so angry with this guy and really am stuck trying to make it right.

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