Monday, January 07, 2008

Work, Work, Work and Wedding Stuff

It has been a typical Monday at the office today. Last week we finally did the first billing on all the storm damage and I was just exhausted from typing. Today was the second round of billing but was mostly regular billing. The Hubby was behind with his paperwork before the ice storm hit so I was billing from stuff from November still. Pretty sad, but it is done. Now we have to try to get caught up on the work that needs to be done. We were behind there too. It's good we are busy but I hate hearing him grumble in the office when another call comes in. Funny guy.

Not only did I type, type, type today but B and I worked on wedding stuff. Saturday we attended The Wedding Show and go a lot of cards, cake samples and very sore feet. We also picked up her dress and it now hangs in our guest room (we were afraid her dog Mondo would chew it up.) B is such an organization freak that she has a binder with pictures, notes, and lists out the wazoo. Dress (check), bridesmaids dresses (check), ring (check), place (check), photographer (check), invitations (check), registered (check), wedding showers planned (check), honeymoon (check), limo (check), officiant (check), flowers ( ), cake ( ), food/caterer ( ), music ( )...just a few BIG things to go but I dare not offer my suggestions as she does not want me to get into it. It's hard because I LOVE to plan parties and to not have much of a hand in it except for writing the checks SUCKS, but I'll survive.

I've realized I have GOT to lose a few pounds before I buy the Mother-of-Bride dress. I just can't buy another outfit like this so today I'm getting down and dirty. I'm hungry!!!

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