Saturday, July 14, 2007

Woody Gutherie Festival

The #1 daughter begged and pleaded for The Hubby and I to come to the Woody Guthrie Festival this weekend; 1. To meet her boyfriend's father since the boyfriend is from Woody Guthrie's hometown, and 2. To see her jewelry she makes (see Sheezkrafty)that she sells there. So we left the comfort of the weekend cabin and found our way to Okemah to attend the Woody Guthrie Festival. It was really fun even though we didn't stay for too much of the music. We got to see the Red Dirt Rangers which are very good and enjoyed a few glasses of wine at The Grape Ranch. Leaving the festival we found our way through the towns of Wetumpka and Weleetka on our way home. I have lived my whole life in Oklahoma and had never been to Okemah, Wetumpka or Weleetka so I have to mark the occasion.

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