Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Can we quit rehashing the subject PLEASE!

Can we quit rehashing the subject PLEASE! The subject, well there are several subjects and they all include money and kids. Tonight The Hubby and I were discussing an old friend that he saw today and I asked how the old friends kids were. Well, the "college" word came up and then The Hubby went off on when #2 daughter comes back home she will go to the junior college and then cheap college for her bachelors, etc. I went off again on him. AGAIN...I told him that first of all #2 daughter is not coming home from California, she loves it there. Second she will not go to college, she hated it when she tried and I barely got her through high school because she hated it so bad. He just can't seem to get that "college" thing out of his mind. We've done quite well for ourselves even though we didn't have college (I got my bachelors AFTER we had kids) but he thinks she won't amount to anything without college. Then he leap-frogged to #1 daughter's college days. He said that #1 should have gone to a cheap college because it cost so much for her to go to the Ivy League school(his words) that she graduated from. He went off on how much we had to pay and I had to correct him. I told him that all but the last semester came out of her college fund that I began for her as a baby. He said I never told him that which is a big fat lie. He then started in about how I never show him the finances and blah, blah, blah. OH MY GOD! He is about it again. Granted I take care of all the finances and always have because he didn't have time to mess with them. I also do all the money stuff for our business. He doesn't have room to gripe because with my handling the finances I have been able to keep us totally out of debt with two houses paid for and a business paid for and our only debt is a car payment so RASPBERRIES!!!!!!!! to him.

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