Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Morning

I am home this morning, not sitting in the wonderful screened porch at the lake which is my favorite thing to do on weekend mornings. So I decide to get up and enjoy my in-town back porch. I gather up my coffee, my journal, my book of the moment and the Sunday paper and head to the porch. I fill my bird feeders so I have something to watch and then unfurl the paper. The sky is blue and the temperture is very pleasant for July. All of a sudden the light dims and the sky starts to rumble and the wind begins to blow sending my paper out of my hands and the bird feeders swaying. Oh No! Not more rain. My goodness I have had enough of the wet stuff for a bit. I really would not mind if I was at the lake in my screened porch but I don't have that luxury here in town, yet. So I gather up my Sunday newspaper, my journal, my coffee, my book and head indoors to my favorite chair to again start the morning.

I'm torn as to what to do today. The Hubby is going into the office to work and if he even half-way thinks that I'm going to accompany him he's got another thing coming. I'm tossing the idea of going to the new Harry Potter movie but I also need to work on my little room and clear out some stuff that I have yet to tackle. Maybe I'll work in the room and then we'll go to the movie tonight, together. That might work. I've got to pack up my Mary Kay stuff because I've decided to quit selling it and it is taking up a lot of room in here. I'm hoping my director will by my stock so I can get it gone. Don't get me wrong, I will still use the stuff, just not be a consultant. Didn't work it well anyway, my heart wasn't in it. In fact my director was supposed to meet me for lunch last Thursday at Olive Garden but didn't show. I waited for 30 minutes but no one so I had lunch all by myself. I found out that her daughter wrecked her car, the rental car that she had a week 'cause she wrecked her other car the week before. YIKES! At least she could have called me since the wreck was the night before and it was a fender bender think! Can you tell I'm a little pissed. I hate to be stood up and it seems to happen to me a lot, even when I was dating - high school, since I married a year out.

Yum, I love coffee! I'm actually going to enjoy having the house to myself without the hubby hanging around. Just his presense seems to get in my way in my mind. I can't seem to get motivated when he is lurking around. I know that sounds crazy but he is a perfectionist and anything I do he critiques, maybe not with words but with actions and especially his eyes. Trust me it is there. You would think after 31 years I would be used to it but sometimes I just can't handle it. He really doesn't realize he does it but he does. Funny thing...Friday night we were at the cabin and the neighbors hollored to come over for dinner and bring whatever we brought to eat, joining forces to speak. I love that about the lake and I LOVE my friends and neighbors there. Anyway, The Hubby rolled his eyes and said he felt guilty that we were always going somewhere else to eat and not reciprocating the offers at our place. I reminded him of a few weeks ago when we hosted 12 people there for dinner and the numerous occasions of us hosting dinners and then I told him we were taking a WHOLE roasted chicken over there for dinner. I called him his mother's name because that would be EXACTLY the response his mother would have. Funny guy. Sometimes he is too nice and tries to be too proper. My God it is the lake and in the country. It's not the WhiteHouse. What a man. Anyway, we had great food and a fabulous time laughing, eating and drinking a lot of wine. Cheers!

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