Friday, December 16, 2016

End Zone Tree

Project:  This spring there will be an art show at the Broken Arrow Museum and the theme for the show is:  "What About Broken Arrow." Well, since I am from BA I think I might have a leg up on ideas.  I quickly went to my book shelves to look in a book I have about the first 100 years of BA and as I looked I found the story and picture of the End Zone Tree. 

The tree was planted in the 40's at the end zone of Kirkland Field by one H.K. Ragsdale, my former principal, former football coach for my dad.  Recently they tore down my (our) old high school and the football field for bigger and better (NOT).  Everyone was in a huge uproar and with great sadness it was done.  The tree was still there and H.K.'s son, Jim tried to save it in some way.  He found a tree doctor to look and see what could be done but along with the football field it was done.  So the next option was to save the trunk of the tree and have it carved into our team/school mascot, the might TIGERS!  A fund was started and it was done.  I'm not sure where it will sit yet but it has been preserved.
Now on to my idea for an art piece.  I decided that I would paint the End Zone Tree with the image of a tiger coming out of the tree!  So sketching I began.
Tuesday I started the painting. 
No it is on the green leaves, grass, etc.  I am proud of it so far and can't wait for the trunk to dry so I can begin the rest. 

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