Monday, August 15, 2016

Photo Finish

I was lucky enough this past weekend to boogie away on Thursday afternoon to my favorite place, our cabin.  The weather was just perfect for an August weekend so most of my time was on our screened porch with this view.  
I even got the camera set up for some closeup snapshots and I think I was on target for some more painting photos. 

Friday morning I hopped on the golf cart, coffee and camera and headed to the creek to find a bush covered with butterflies.  SCORE!  I've painted a couple of butterflies but they aren't my favorite.  They are dang hard to paint.   

Then back home on Sunday morning after a visit to Daddy I settled in to do a bit of sketching.  No, NO NO NO I did not snap this photo.  It is from the organization Wild Heart Ranch in northeastern Oklahoma.  It is a State and Federally licensed rehab facility for all species of wildlife needing orphan support, injury treatment or disease recovery.  Annette Tucker is the founder and this is her photo or rather theirs.  I am going to try and paint it, auction or sell to the highest bidder/price I can get and donate all proceeds from the sale to the organization.   

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