Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Birthdays Birthdays Everywhere

Yesterday The Hubby celebrated yet another wonderful year of life, 61 years!  This year it was extremely low key since last year I blew his party out with a HUGE BASH!  He went dancing as usual, which is what he wanted to do which was just fine as I had a meeting I had to go to.  I did fix him one of his favorite meals, stuffed peppers.  The night before we went to a pizza place in the East Village called Bohemian Pizza with the entire crew.  The entire crew was my GIRLS and their respective guys and Snicklefritz.  Yes our youngest and her guy are in town for a week to visit.  Nick, her guy had a jazz gig across the street at Hodges Bend later in the evening that we wanted to listen too.  I LOVE that area the way it has been built up.  We had a great evening. Oh, and we celebrated The Hubby's birthday that night.  

Today is my best friend of 30 years birthday!  She has beat cancer so I'm very bad to be able to celebrate birthday's with her.  

Last week was my bestie from high school's that is a friendship of 42 years, with a little break in between.  Happy birthday to my dearest friends!

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