Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pianos and NO SLEEP

Oh we are a HAPPY kiddo aren't we.  As I said yesterday, she is with us all weekend and about halfway through yesterday I happened to walk by the dining room and realized I had FORGOTTEN something.  A few weeks ago I had ordered her a baby toy piano and it was still in the box, waiting for her to come and help me open it.  We got to the business of pulling it out of the box with some assembly required and voila we have a toy baby grand piano just right for Snicklefritz.  She loves it and all day long as she played she would detour in the front room and I could hear her tinkling the ivories.  She has decided it shall stay at my house and that is okay.  The little music book and color-coded strip will help in teaching her!  

It has been a fun weekend but frankly guys I'm bushed this morning.  She woke up in the middle of the night last night when I had only been asleep, deep asleep for about and hour and a half screaming and crying.  I was so deep asleep that her crying was in my dream and it took me a minute to realize it was REAL!  I jumped out of bed realizing that I had again shed my pajamas (hate pajamas even in my sleep) but not enough time to put anything on, and rushed to her.  During the crying I thought I heard a thud and was afraid she had fallen out of the BIG BED hence the screaming cry, but as I opened the door I realized it was just her feet hitting the floor as she climbed down from the bed.  I rushed to her and she was crying she had to go to the bathroom.  I quickly felt of the pajamas, DRY and helped her to the bathroom.  She was sobbing and I was afraid I would not get her back to sleep.  She went to the bathroom and that made me have to go and through her sobbing and me peeing she said, "Put your clothes on!"   GOOD GRIEF, even in the low light that seemed to bother her.  As she headed back to her bed, still sobbing I grabbed my nightgown and tried to help her into bed but that seemed to make it worse.  Little Miss Independent does NOT want help most of the time.  So her sobbing and me waiting she climbed back onto the bed and I tucked her back in.  She was back asleep in a matter of minutes.  Probably wasn't even awake enough to realize all of it.  Then about 3:30 I had to get up to empty said bladder again, then back asleep.  Again at 5:30 I was jolted awake by moaning and, "No, No, No."  The Hubby jumped up and ran into her bedroom but I knew she was having a bad dream and not awake, but he didn't realize it.  She did the same thing yesterday morning.  He tip-toed to her bedside and then back to bed assured she was still asleep.  I said, "Bad dream," to which he replied, "How did you know." I told him she had done it yesterday.  So back to sleep he went and she and me, well, here I am AWAKE!  My FitBit says I have had three and a half hours of actual sleep.  Figures.  So NAP TIME for me today.  

The good thing yesterday is my room is DONE, DONE, DONE!  Oh there are a few little corners of stuff to get out for the flea market next week or the office but it is cleared out and ready for my company.  The Hubby came in yesterday and I proudly said, "Looky!" He said, "Are you almost done!" WHAT!!!!  I guess he thought I would get rid of everything but this is MY ROOM and I like MY SPACE!  Ooooooooooooo!!!!!

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Linda Kay said...

I can't even function if I have a night like that with interruptions.