Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Busy Week In Review

My week in review:

Well, either Monday or Tuesday, totally forget which as days swim together, I came home and made a killer veggie soup for the week.  It was so dang good.  Also added to the mix was a huge bag of spinach...YUMMY!  

Tuesday I painted with my lovely friends and finally, FINALLY finished this sweet one.  I call it 

"A Girl and Her Cowboy"
16x16 oil on gallery wrapped canvas. 
The name Cowboy is the horses name and the horse belongs to her other papa.  The painting is going to live in his house.  He loves it.

Also, last week was the completion of cleaning out my space, my room, my sanctuary.  In the purging I ended up with a garage full of CRAP to get rid of so B and I decided to set up at the flea market.  Oh my gosh, her car was full of her stuff and my car was so full I could barely get into the drivers seat to drive. 
I had hoards and hoards of books to get rid of and I probably sold 20 of them, not enough. 
B had fabric, clothes, vintage fabric and trim.  I had teapots and a few dishes. 
The Hubby decided to get in on the action and brought this lighted picture and lamps.  They brought tons of lookers and interest but did not sell. 
All in all I think we made our booth fee with a tad left over that I gave it to B so they could go to Blue Dome and have some munchies last night. 
When the day was done we loaded all of it back into our respective cars.  She headed home, The Hubby took his goodies back to storage at the shop and I made a bee-line to Goodwill to drop off.  Nothing was going back to my house.  What I was faced with was a full parking lot and no more carts to put stuff in.  I gave them what they had room for but the two huge boxes of books are still in my car....GRRRrrr.  Not a problem though as I will head back Monday morning to drop off.  Again, nothing is coming back into my house.  I feel so good about purging what I have and after my art function will continue with the guest room closet.  It is stuffed with Christmas, games, art note cards, yarn for my crochet projects, record albums, family history, CRAP yet again.  

What is good is that today I have nothing to do, absolutely nothing but a date with my new found easel.  I have several projects I need to get started on and I am PAINTING!  So toodles for now I've got to play in paint.

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