Monday, April 25, 2016

BOOMS and Blooms

Finally, FINALLY, we headed out of town for the weekend to our beloved cabin.  The skies were awesome blue with tons of beautiful white clouds.  Kind of an omen of the storms brewing for Monday...

When we pulled up the first thing I saw were my peonies in bloom.  I have three of them and two had not popped yet.  So beautiful. 
A quick drive around the compound and I found a neighbors glorious yellow iris bed in full bloom.  I love yellow and pink and purple and, and, and...heck I love flowers.

Saturday The Hubby had to head back to town for a funeral (boo) but I opted to stay put.  Another drive around on the golf cart with camera in tow and I found some beautiful sights.   
The rains from last year have done some major damage to our creek bank and commons areas but they seem to be trying to come back.  The water was definitely up, so much so that the rock barrier was covered which allows boats from the river side to eek into our little slice of heaven.  It's kind of scary to have strangers floating in but it's quite legal, AS LONG AS THEY DON'T GET OUT.  It's private property on the land part.  

Further down the creek I found this beautiful white heron enjoying the sunshine too.  Might be a painting in here somewhere. 

More drive time as I made my way around the place.  I love these kind of photos, roads leading to who knows where.   
The weekend was spoiled a bit though.  We slept with our windows open which I love to do.  Saturday night about 12:28 a.m. all of a sudden BOOM, echo, echo, echo.  At first I thought it was thunder but as I looked to the darkened sky all I saw were stars.  The Hubby rolled over and said, "Well, that is his reply for T calling the sheriff earlier today." The story is that there is a guy on the hill above the grounds that has a cannon, he likes to shoot off his cannon, mostly during the day but lately he's been doing it at night too.  He can directional the thing and he has a thorn in his butt about "us" so he points it directly above our property.  T had had enough so he placed a phone call to the sheriff's office and they paid The Hill Guy a visit, and so his response was: 12:28 a.m.  BOOM, 12:35 a.m. BOOM, and 12:58 a.m. BOOM.   Talk about messing with your sleep.  I definitely got up in a grouchy mood.  I hope The Hill Guy can get his panties out of that wad they're in and he relents a bit.  I don't care about during the day but fella, not at night PLEASE.  

Oh and the kiddo got to visit her greatpapa this weekend.  He was thrilled I'm sure. 

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