Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time Keeps On Ticking

Time is clicking away...tick tock tick tock...

This morning I woke up early, as usual.  I could have slept in a bit but Oh NOOO, that is not happening as my mind won't stop.  I had to hit the bathroom and once my eyes are open the mind starts going, so up I am.  Dang it!  This week seems to be going by so slowly.  Surgery is Tuesday and the days are just dragging by.  Don't get me wrong I'm in no hurry to have stuff ripped out of me but I do want to just get it over with and start the healing process.  

Last night was my book club and we had a great time.  We went to another new place downtown called Sisserou's, a Caribbean style YUMMY restaurant.  I had a jerk chicken that was so moist!  Parking was a bitch because of some show at the Brady.  I pulled into the parking lot and there was a space but a guy was standing in it waiting for someone.  I rolled my window down and said, "Excuse me, I need to park there."  What a dirty look, but hey, my car was there first, so the spot was MINE!  We just finished the book Deadline by Sandra Brown and really enjoyed it.  It was suspenseful and a fast read.  Since my surgery is the first of May we decided to skip May and move on to June for the next meeting with a couple of books on our list.  The June read is Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.  The second book was for July and has a bit of tooth so we're getting a head start.  It's supposedly a modern day classic, The Women's Room by Marilyn French.    Set in the mid 70's it delves into the feminist movement, fictionally yet with hints of French's life.  Should be very interesting.

Tuesday I went to art and was incredibly productive.  I started these two paintings a few weeks ago but finished them and put them on Facebook.  WOW, the response was incredible.  
"Egret" 11x14 oil on canvas

"Winter on Spring Creek" 18x24 oil on senso linen canvas

The winter scene hit an all time high for likes and comments for me and I may have it sold already!!!!  If not the original sold I can surely sell giclee prints of it.  

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Linda Kay said...

I thought your paintings were photographs, Jill! I'll be thinking of you for your surgery, and certainly hope all goes well. You'll have more time to paint while you are recuperating.