Friday, November 25, 2011

Vomit II

Here we go again vomiting on the page.  I am trying to figure out why I don't feel like writing at all lately, not even in my handwritten journal.  It's like I can't gather my thoughts and put them down in any kind of form.  I also have felt like I've had a gag on my mind and that is not good.  I haven't even wanted to take pictures to post here.  My camera, my new camera has stayed snug in the backpack, untouched since our vacation last month.  Really, don't know what is going on with me lately.  So vomit I go again!

Yesterday was a nice Thanksgiving day with a mixture of family, The Hubby's middle brother, their enchanting mother, my Daddy, Sis and her Hubs and their youngest HB.  The night before I wasn't feeling well at all and was concerned that pulling off the turkey day was not going to happen.  The Hubby came down with a nasty head cold too so we were a pair.  Thankfully, I awoke feeling much better and readied the 20 pound Tom Turkey to roast in the oven.  I brined it this year, the first time and it paid off.  The turkey was so moist and tasty!  I was a bit apprehensive about Sis coming as I had only seen her twice since June and we live in the same area but as I have mentioned she has been a bit on the strange side towards me, and Daddy for that matter.  It's very hard to love someone who is so difficult to love but I do love her, I may not like her right now, but I do love her.  When they arrived I went straight to her and hugged her neck tightly to let her know I still love her.  It was a restrained dinner, she was not as jovial or should I say "vocal" as usual.  We had a nice dinner, pleasantries were exchanged and after about 2 hours they were on their merry way.  Very difficult but manageable.

We are now to the countdown of Christmas and I put it out to the family that I wanted to do Christmas Eve again.  For many, many years our house was the go to place for the Eve thing but when the nephews started their families and had the young ones they wanted to have it and I was very happy to let them.  I miss it though and a couple of years ago we were to host again until the snowstorm hit.  We were left with tons of food and Christmas Eve alone.  So this year I will try again.  I mainly wanted to host because my mind was threatening to not even put up a tree and I didn't want to give in to it.  I think it would depress me. 

Okay this has thought process has taken me somewhere else...

Yesterday I asked thirteen year old HB if he had his school pictures yet.  He hem-hawed and Sis piped up to say, "Oh, we didn't buy them."  Okay, well.  Last year they didn't buy BB's senior pictures or even do graduation announcements either, waste of money.  (How can you not be proud that your child FINALLY is to graduate from high school and move on with her life!)  We were chatting about setting up for Christmas and Sis added to the conversation that they don't put up trees anymore and haven't for several years.  She has a thirteen year old CHILD!  Really!  Oh and HB's birthday was the first of the month and I put his card in the mail on a Monday with money in it and by Saturday apparently it had not arrived.  Sis called me to ask where his birthday card was because he was looking for his money!  Really.  Well, I told them that if it didn't come by T-Day I would GIVE him some money.  (It is not a gift anymore.)  She has NEVER given my girls a card or heaven forbid money but I am expected to give it to her kids and she told our father that she expects me to give her children money, because I can afford it.  Wow, I'm ranting!  I think I've bottled this up too long for sure. 

I know, I know everyone will blame it on her meds and things going on with her but I've lived with her "health" issues all my life and frankly she is good and just because The Hubby and I have done well with our lives we should not be expected to supplement her children's finances and I will not fund BB's passion lately for tattoos.  But you know if they could not come up with the money to buy the kids school pictures I would have.  I would put up a tree for HB.  (They both have great jobs and a nice house, no excuse!)

Another worry is her animals.  I've blogged about her strange way with pet responsibility (dumping) and she has a cat and three dogs left.  Her husband hates them all.  Yesterday she was talking about one of her dogs nipping and biting some workmen at their house and it even brought blood.  It has a problem with men and snaps at their heals.  They've had it since it was a puppy and she can't figure out why it goes after men.  I can tell you why, her hubs hates it and kicks at it so it goes after a "MAN".  I'm very afraid that she will dump again or even worse foist one of the dogs on my Daddy.  It would not be the first time, trust me. 

Oh My Gosh...I am ranting.  Is that what it takes to get me off this block thing.  Maybe I need to get political too!  Maybe not a good thing there.  What do you think.  Am I being a bitch, an unloving sister, unrealistic, uncaring, blah, blah, blah!  I don't think so.

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Janie B said...

Sometimes you just have to get things off your chest. Ranting can make you feel better and even help you think things through and come up with solutions. I hope it has helped you.