Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am so angry right now and my Twitter was on fire with my anger until I could blog.  Yesterday I took little Clayton to the vet to have his teeth cleaned like the vet advised.  His breath has been YUCK so I was on board.  It was an all day thing where they knock him out and they were to call if there were problems.  No phone call and so I went to pick him up at 4 and took him home.  He ate his dinner but I knew he was not feeling good.  Last night while sleeping he woke me up crying and making a strange breathing sound.  I got up and I took him outside and gave him a treat because I knew he missed one of his meals and thought he was just hungry.  This afternoon while he was in my lap I wanted to look at his teeth and see how good they looked.  Imagine my horrified surprise when I saw that one of his front teeth was MISSING!  I got on the phone immediately and called the vet and ripped them.  Why in heavens name did I not get a call or even when I picked him up that they did not tell me.  No wonder he was in PAIN last night.  My heart is just broken for the little guy.  They said that sometimes there is so much disease that there is nothing left when they get the tartar off.  Granted the little guy had horrible breath which was probably infection but my concern is they DID NOT CALL ME or TELL ME!  I am taking him back to south Tulsa, to my old vet when we lived out there to someone I TRUST!  Poor, poor little guy. 


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Since I've spent the better part of thirty five years working in the vet field, I can understand your anger with the not letting you know they removed a tooth, it should have been discussed as soon as you picked Clayton up.
Miscommunication or lack of..

There have been many times, we removed mouthfuls of doggie teeth, decayed far too much, it's a sad sight, but a necessary one.

I hope little Clayton feels like his old self, real soon !

Anonymous said...

That is nuts they didn't tell you!

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