Thursday, September 29, 2011


 I've finally finished a couple of paintings here and actually another one but I've not taken a snapshot yet, soon, I promise.  The bathroom is SOOOO close to being done but not to the point that we can shower or fill the spaces, except my closet.  Seems like I can't sit long enough to do anything or think lately.  I haven't even been able to paint at home, 1-because the area was full of crap from all the other rooms, 2-because of time, and 3-because of people in my space.  Hopefully I will be busy at it soon at home.  At least the port-a-potty is gone!

Star Light, Star Bright


Janie B said...

Love them both, but since I'm a blue lover, the clematis is my favorite. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Something about this post made me make this comment. I have been reading this blog for a although now, thanks for the very good times. said...

love them both . I love dark blue and I love light blue.