Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Girls

Tears For Fears - Badman - Live

This is a much better video showing Afton singing with TFF on the California part of the tour.  As of today they are I believe in Lima, Peru.  Wow, what a whirlwind thing for her to do.  The sound on the video is a bit messed up at the end of the video but he introduces her and it's closeup. 

The oldest girly turned 32 yesterday.  I can't believe that, I am NOT THAT OLD, am I.  It's funny, today I fixed The Hubby and I a roast beef sandwich from the leftover roast form yesterday and as we were eating it I was taken back to just after she was born in our first home.  I wasn't working anymore to be a stay at home Moma and The Hubby was working hard at his other job while trying to get our business off the ground.  He was working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.  I stayed home and cooked, cleaned, gardened and to take care of infant B.  I was big into cooking a lot and it saved a lot of money.  I remember fixing roast and making homemade honey whole wheat bread for The Hubby's lunch.  I had fresh tomatoes, homemade bread and roast, what was I thinking.  I almost spoiled that man.  Just kidding, it was wonderful and I loved taking care of him and my baby.  It's funny how a taste or smell can trigger a memory. 

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