Monday, March 08, 2010


Onward we go with life.  Daddy is home and the house project done.  He is happy and I'm content with the outcome.  Now I guess I have to move on to something else, I guess.  It has been so much on my mind that there has not been room for much else.  Yesterday we had a little open house/house warming for Daddy and his niece, just cookies and punch/coffee.  It was simple and just what was needed to welcome him home.  His sisters and another niece came along with Bro and his family and Sis.  It really made him feel like everyone really cared and loved him.  I'm not worried that when his niece leaves that he may not do well.  She has been so wonderful caring for him and just doesn't take any guff from him.  He needs that but he needs to take care of himself.  She worries and I do too that she may not feed himself when he needs too.  He's still a young man, 74 and very capable of caring for himself if he will quit acting like he's 90.  Worry, worry, worry!  I've got to quit.  He will be fine.  We will just have take turns calling him and checking up to make sure he's okay.  We also have to read between the lines a bit and he is a downer sometimes. 

I have to get back to work and my art.  Today I take my paintings to my first art show.  It's exciting and I'm a little nervous as it is a juried show with ribbons and all. 


Char said...

exciting - good luck with the show!

Janie B said...

I know you're enjoying your dad again. Good luck with your show.